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Blood flows in our body

Electricity flows in machinery




UYeG and our platform are designed

for better industrial environment.



UYeG and our platform offer affordable ways

to prevent any possible damage.



UYeG and our platform save

substantial amount of energy and time.



UYeG effortlessly detects any possible failures

and provides you enough time to take actions at no cost.

Industry solutions



UYeG is available in every field where the electricity flows.
  • Prevention of fire, explosion, accidents and breakdowns based on big data 

  • Integrated facility monitoring based on IoT

  • Energy management with zero cost based on fine energy maintenance


Loud Undefined Data Analysis

Enterprises suffer various pressures to maintain research activities for enterprise acquisitions and merger, and potential development and efficiency. Other key challenges are entering a new market, assisting major projects and operating business in safe, reliable and sustainable methods. Furthermore, it is essential that the companies establish reliable asset strategies and prepare business reports for increasing shareholders, and improve fairness and transparency.

ITS Co.,Ltd understands the importance of the key issues arising in such businesses. Especially, in the field of energy, we provide support in strategic and tactical dimension. We leave our footprints to the world making this available according to customers' demand, combining technology and experience with diverse services we provide.

UYeG and our platform are designed

for better industrial environment.




Issues which mining business encounters are price control, imbalance between demand and supply, anxiety about social security. Other challenges are entering a new market, financial planning and how to operate this business with safe and sustainable methods. Furthermore, it has become more important to establish reliable strategy, enhance fairness and business reporting in order to increase the number of shareholders whose interests are entangled. 

ITS Co.,Ltd understands the important major issues which mining and steel business encounters. We will provide strategic advice according to the necessity of customers. Also we promise to share our diverse experiences and technology based on manifold services we provide.

UYeG and our platform offer affordable ways to prevent any possible damage.

mining & metal

Nowadays, companies have encountered several important major issues on

impact of unconventional resources of oil and gas business, increasing

geopolitical impact, effort to regulate costs, higher interests of shareholders

and fame effect thereby created.


ITS Co.,Ltd understands values and importance of related major issues in

oil and gas business. We will offer assistance according to customer's

demands, with the help of our technology and experience and by looking

into matters through strategic aspects.


UYeG and our platform save

substantial amount of energy and time.

oil & gas


In both Developing countries and developed countries, economy relies on

reliable low-energy. Chemical industries have been challenged with the

emergence of markets which make important changes such as competition

between low oil price and renewable energy.

ITS Co.,Ltd offers help with various methods in order to meet customers' demand.

UYeG effortlessly detects any possible failures

and provides you enough time to take actions at no cost.



Our Vision

First, Mechanical Safety

We strictly apply obtained expertise on safety technology to requirements of general control work. We provide solutions conforming to safety and standards for users without extra work or extra charge.

Second, Personal Safety

We strive to provide the safe working environment for staff and employees, our most valuable assets, hoping that they can work without any injury.We provide not only plants and mechanical safe service but also safe components and systems.

Third, Economic Safety

Solutions based on innovative automation technology and individual concept of safety increase operating rate of plants and other machines.

As a result, production cycles turns efficient and profit will be created.

Time and costs will be saved as suitable control technology relating to safety and typical control technology will make synergy effect.

Our system solution can be expanded and flexible, and efficient production will be guaranteed for several years by investing the relevant solution.

Fourth, Environmental Protection

We, ITS Co.,Ltd, think about the environment.We research and develop solutions for the environment and apply them on the site.We enhance comprehension of staff and employees on quality, safety and environmental protection by education and constant exchanges of information.


About Us

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Industry & Testimonials

“UYeG records data abnormality as soon as something happens and when the alarm goes off, we are able to take actions before machines completely break down. I didn’t know what caused the failure in the past, but with UYeG, it is easy to prevent the breakdowns and reduce the big loss in advance.”     

H motor Company

“When it comes to facilities in the factory, it is quite difficult to see what is wrong immediately. There have been accidents for years, but we couldn’t point out the exact cause of the problems. Now we are able to see what is going on at once using UYeG. We expect that it should be able to prevent even greater loss before anything fails.”

P steel company

“We have over 30,000 servers nationally collecting and analyzing data, and once it fails, the damage is so great that recovering is not easy. UYeG predicts errors of frequently failed parts such as power supply, hard disk, and we currently consider introducing it to other branches.”

K Bank

“A motor plays an important role in manufacturing process of an airplane wing. The whole wing must be thrown away when the motor fails, which can lead to substantial loss. UYeG can collect data on the current status of machines and enable us to prevent future failures.”

K Aerospace manufacturer


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Industry solutions


Mining & Metal

Oil & Gas






Our Vision



Industry & Testimonials

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